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Itto-ryu Member

Ariusu is one of the three strongest of the new Itto-ryu recruits along with Koda, and Yatoin.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Ariusu is introduced along with the rest of the new Itto-ryu recruits under the old burnt Dojo. Ariusu's former school before the Itto-ryu was the Jinen-ryu

Rokki-dan[edit | edit source]

Ariusu is one of the six men who shot down the remaining Hebigumi during the Rokki-dan's assault on the Itto-ryu hideout, And afterwards ran away with Magatsu, and the others.

Leaving Edo[edit | edit source]

When the Itto-ryu is banned from Edo, Ariusu and the others begin their journey to Hitachi. Along the way after Koji Kashin is killed, the Itto-ryu stay at a shack to rest, but are confronted by Shishiya Arashino, Tarieshin Hasshu, and Shozo Murasaki who cut off the head of Yatsushiba. Sosuke planned to take them all on by himself, but all of the Itto-ryu quit, and Ariusu, along with Koda, and Yatoin pin Sosuke down, and bring him to safety, while the other six itto-ryu face the Rokki-dan. When they stop the four Itto-ryu are confronted by Giichi, and Hyakurin of the former Mugai-ryu, Sosuke who is enraged once he sees Giichi's face, breaks out of the wraps he was put in, and cuts Giichi's ear clean off. Giichi is easily overpower by Sosuke, and Hyakurin tries to assist him with her arrows, but Koda yells to her that she cannot interrupt their fight. After Koda is sent off by Hyakurin on a horse she shot, Ariusu runs at Hyakurin to attack. Ariusu, not being as skilled as Koda, is hit by one of Hyakurin's arrows as he makes his way up to the graveyard she has perched herself at. Hyakurin informs him that he has a short time before the poison kicks in, and he runs off behind a group of tombstones. As he is crouched behind the tombstones, Hyakurin is about to fire a second arrow, when he launches up a bunch of Plaques into the air, and attacks Hyakurin in the confusion. Hyakurin jumps back and dodges, but lands on the railing which breaks as she jumps off to dodge Ariusu's next attack, and she lands onto a tree branch, but Ariusu threw his sword into it, and knocked her to the floor. Hyakurin used this to her advantage, and kicked off the tree landing a headbut on Ariusu's face, killing him, because of the impact with the railing behind him.

Weapons and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Like all of the other new recruits Ariusu mainy used a Katana, but on occasion a bow and arrow.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Although Ariusu was able to overpower, Hyakurin, he was not able to dodge her arrows, or outsmart her. He is likely the third strongest of the new recruits, after Koda, and Yaotin.

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