Ayame Burando is a supporting character of Blade of the Immortal. He is a doctor who originally practised Japanese medicine but moved on to Western medicine

Background[edit | edit source]

Burando lost his faith in Japanese remedies' abilities for healing illnesses, stowed away on a foreign ship so that he can learn about Western medicine. Burando returned seven years later but was imprisoned by the Shogunate for defying the edict of leaving Japan without special permits. Kagimura Habaki, leader of the Shogun's Banshu samurai became interested in Burando's unique skills and intelligence and ordered him along with another doctor, Mouzen to make a death row inmate immortal--by experimenting on Manji.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Introduction Burando was first introduced when Kagimura brought Manji to him and Mouzen in an underground cell. They both questioned Manji's immortality but Kagimura assured them by cutting Manji fatally multiple times. Kagimura gave Burando and Mouzen fourteen days, seven each to unlock the secrets of immortality.

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