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Blade of the Immortal (無限の住人, Mugen no Jūnin) is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Samura Hiroaki.

Basic Plot[]

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Blade of the Immortal is set in the second year of the Tenmei era of Japan, which is 1782. This can also be referred to as the mid-Tokugawa Shogunate period. The main place of the story is Edo(modern-day Tokyo).

The story starts with Manji, a samurai who killed 100 men for his old master and is consequently a wanted criminal. After meeting the 800-year old nun, Yaobikuni, Manji is given the Kessen-chū (Jpn. - 血仙蟲 - "sacred bloodworms"), creatures that sacrifice themselves to heal their human host's wounds. At this point, Yaobikuni is constantly trying to convince an at-first reluctant Manji to atone for his sins in some way (one of her suggestions is that he shaves his head, becomes a monk and embarks on a pilgrimage with her).

However, when Manji's sister Machi is murdered by the brother of one of Manji's victims, Manji makes a vow to kill 1000 evil men to cancel out his past sins and end his eternal life.

1-2 years later, Manji meets Rin Asano, a sixteen-year-old girl whose parents were murdered two years earlier "at the hands of complete strangers." She begs him to help her seek out revenge against her parents' killers. In the end, he accompanies her back into town, meeting one of her targets, Kuroi Sabato. When Manji finally defeats Kuroi, he becomes Rin's bodyguard.

Though Manji and Rin are deuteragonists, the storyline is primarily Rin's.

The Kessen-chū[]

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The main hook of the series, the Kessen-chū(Jpn. - 血仙蟲 - "sacred bloodworms") are creatures that live and breed in a human host, sacrificing their bodies to regenerate any wound their host has sustained. While they can, for example, reseal a deep hole or reattach a limb, they cannot handle regrowth of too many wounds sustained at the same time, and it is rumored that the host will die if their head is cut off.

Characters in Blade of the Immortal[]

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The series has so far won two awards, the first being an Excellence Prize at the 1997 Japan Media Arts Festival, the second being the Will Eisner Comic Industry Award in 2000 for "Best U.S Edition of Foreign Material."

Art of Hiroaki Samura[]

Unlike many other mangaka, Samura attended art school, though he was picked up to do Blade of the Immortal before he graduated. Samura's style is very realistic mixed with some elements of typical anime and manga(i.e comical facial expressions) and he demonstrates a good knowledge of proportion and anatomy often in his work.

Weapons and Martial Arts in Blade of the Immortal[]

Volumes and Issues (tankōbon)[]


# Release Date Volume
01 September 19, 1994 Blade of the Immortal: Volume 1
Volume 01.jpg

List of Chapters:

  • "Prologue: Criminal" (序幕 罪人 Jomaku Togabito)
  • "Act 1: Conquest" (第一幕 征服 Dai Ichi Maku Seifuku)
  • "Act 2: Genius" (第二幕 天才 Dai Ni Maku Tensai)
  • "Act 3: Fanatic" (第三幕 執人 Dai San Maku Shūjin)

# Release Date Volume
02 December 15, 1994 Blade of the Immortal: Volume 2
Volume 02.jpg

List of Chapters:

  • "Act 4: Cry of the Worm - Path of Fire" (第四幕 蟲の唄・火途 Dai Yon Maku Mushi no Uta - Kazu)
  • "Act 5: Cry of the Worm - Path of Blood" (第五幕 蟲の唄・血途 Dai Go Maku Mushi no Uta - Ketsuzu)
  • "Act 6: Cry of the Worm - Path of the Sword" (第六幕 蟲の唄・刀途 Dai Roku Maku Mushi no Uta - Tōzu)
  • "Act 7: Dreamsong (Part 1)" (第七幕 夢弾<其の一> Dai Nana Maku Yumebiki (Sono Ichi))
  • "Act 8: Dreamsong (Part 2)" (第八幕 夢弾<其の二> Dai Hachi Maku Yumebiki (Sono Ni))

# Release Date Volume
03 April 17, 1995 Blade of the Immortal: Volume 3
Volume 03.jpg

List of Chapters:

  • "Act 9: Dreamsong (Part 3)" (第九幕 夢弾<其の三> Dai Kyū Maku Yumebiki (Sono San))
  • "Act 10: Dreamsong (Part 4)" (第十幕 夢弾<其の四> Dai Jū Maku Yumebiki (Sono Yon))
  • "Act 11: Dreamsong (Part 5)" (第十一幕 夢弾<其の五> Dai Jū Ichi Maku Yumebiki (Sono Go))
  • "Act 12: Rin's Bane (Part 1)" (第十二幕 斜凜<其の一> Dai Jū Ni Maku Sharin (Sono Ichi))
  • "Act 13: Rin's Bane (Part 2)" (第十三幕 斜凜<其の二> Dai Jū San Maku Sharin (Sono Ni))

# Release Date Volume
04 October 18, 1995 Blade of the Immortal: Volume 4
Volume 04.jpg

List of Chapters:

  • "Act 14: On Silent Wings (Part 1)" (第十四幕 羽根は静かに<其の一> Dai Jū Yon Maku Hane wa Shizuka ni (Sono Ichi))
  • "Act 15: On Silent Wings (Part 2)" (第十五幕 羽根は静かに<其の二> Dai Jū Go Maku Hane wa Shizuka ni (Sono Ni))
  • "Act 16: On Silent Wings (Part 3)" (第十六幕 羽根は静かに<其の三> Dai Jū Roku Maku Hane wa Shizuka ni (Sono San))
  • "Act 17: On Silent Wings (Part 4)" (第十七幕 羽根は静かに<其の四> Dai Jū Nana Maku Hane wa Shizuka ni (Sono Yon))
  • "Act 18: On Silent Wings (Part 5)" (第十八幕 羽根は静かに<其の五> Dai Jū Hachi Maku Hane wa Shizuka ni (Sono Go))
  • "Act 19: On Silent Wings (Part 6)" (第十九幕 羽根は静かに<其の六> Dai Jū Kyū Maku Hane wa Shizuka ni (Sono Roku))

# Release Date Volume
05 August 20, 1996 Blade of the Immortal: Volume 5
Volume 05.jpg

List of Chapters:

  • "Act 20: On Silent Wings (Part 7)" (第二十幕 羽根は静かに<其の七> Dai Ni Jū Maku Hane wa Shizuka ni (Sono Nana))
  • "Act 21: Dark Shadows (Part 1)" (第二十一幕 凶影<其の一> Dai Ni Jū Ichi Maku Kyōei (Sono Ichi))
  • "Act 22: Dark Shadows (Part 2)" (第二十二幕 凶影<其の二> Dai Ni Jū Ni Maku Kyōei (Sono Ni))
  • "Act 23: Dark Shadows (Part 3)" (第二十三幕 凶影<其の三> Dai Ni Jū San Maku Kyōei (Sono San))
  • "Act 24: Food" (第二十四幕 糧 Dai Ni Jū Yon Maku Kate)

# Release Date Volume
06 June 19, 1997 Blade of the Immortal: Volume 6
Volume 06.jpg

List of Chapters:

  • "Act 25: Heart of Darkness (Part 1)" (第二十五幕 現ズル事無キ代物<其の一> Dai Ni Jū Go Maku Genzuru Koto Naki Shiromono (Sono Ichi))
  • "Act 26: Heart of Darkness (Part 2)" (第二十六幕 現ズル事無キ代物<其の二> Dai Ni Jū Roku Maku Genzuru Koto Naki Shiromono (Sono Ni))
  • "Act 27: Heart of Darkness (Part 3)" (第二十七幕 現ズル事無キ代物<其の三> Dai Ni Jū Nana Maku Genzuru Koto Naki Shiromono (Sono San))
  • "Act 28: Heart of Darkness (Part 4)" (第二十八幕 現ズル事無キ代物<其の四> Dai Ni Jū Hachi Maku Genzuru Koto Naki Shiromono (Sono Yon))
  • "Act 29: Heart of Darkness (Part 5)" (第二十九幕 現ズル事無キ代物<其の五> Dai Ni Jū Kyū Maku Genzuru Koto Naki Shiromono (Sono Go))
  • "Act 30: Heart of Darkness (Part 6)" (第三十幕 現ズル事無キ代物<其の六> Dai San Jū Maku Genzuru Koto Naki Shiromono (Sono Roku))
  • "Act 31: Heart of Darkness (Part 7)" (第三十一幕 現ズル事無キ代物<其の七> Dai San Jū Ichi Maku Genzuru Koto Naki Shiromono (Sono Nana))

# Release Date Volume
07 October 16, 1997 Blade of the Immortal: Volume 7
Volume 07.jpg

List of Chapters:

  • "Act 32: The Gathering (Mongrel)" (第三十二幕 群<斑> Dai San Jū Ni Maku Mura (Madara))
  • "Act 33: The Gathering (Storm - Part 1)" (第三十三幕 群<叢雨・其の一> Dai San Jū San Maku Mura (Murasame - Sono Ichi))
  • "Act 34: The Gathering (Storm - Part 2)" (第三十四幕 群<叢雨・其の二> Dai San Jū Yon Maku Mura (Murasame - Sono Ni))
  • "Act 35: The Gathering (Stigma - Part 1)" (第三十五幕 群<村鋒・其の一> Dai San Jū Go Maku Mura (Murahachi - Sono Ichi))
  • "Act 36: The Gathering (Stigma - Part 2)" (第三十六幕 群<村鋒・其の二> Dai San Jū Roku Maku Mura (Murahachi - Sono Ni))
  • "Act 37: The Gathering (Comrades - Part 1)" (第三十七幕 群<群れ・其の一> Dai San Jū Nana Maku Mura (Mure - Sono Ichi))
  • "Act 38: The Gathering (Comrades - Part 2)" (第三十八幕 群<群れ・其の二> Dai San Jū Hachi Maku Mura (Mure - Sono Ni))
  • "Act 39: The Gathering (Comrades - Part 3)" (第三十九幕 群<群れ・其の三> Dai San Jū Kyū Maku Mura (Mure - Sono San))
  • "Act 40: The Gathering (Comrades - Part 4)" (第四十幕 群<群れ・其の四> Dai Yon Jū Maku Mura (Mure - Sono Yon))

# Release Date Volume
08 July 17, 1998 Blade of the Immortal: Volume 8
Volume 08.jpg

List of Chapters:

  • "Act 41: The Gathering (Comrades - Part 5)" (第四十一幕 群<群れ・其の五> Dai Yon Jū Ichi Maku Mura (Mure - Sono Go))
  • "Act 42: The Gathering (Comrades - Part 6)" (第四十二幕 群<群れ・其の六> Dai Yon Jū Ni Maku Mura (Mure - Sono Roku))
  • "Act 43: The Gathering (Rage)" (第四十三幕 群<焔> Dai Yon Jū San Maku Mura (Homura))
  • "Act 44: The Gathering (Cloudburst - Part 1)" (第四十四幕 群<叢時雨・其の一> Dai Yon Jū Yon Maku Mura (Murashigure - Sono Ichi))
  • "Act 45: The Gathering (Cloudburst - Part 2)" (第四十五幕 群<叢時雨・其の二> Dai Yon Jū Go Maku Mura (Murashigure - Sono Ni))
  • "Act 46: Secrets (Part 1)" (第四十六幕 ひそかなる<其の一> Dai Yon Jū Roku Maku Hisoka naru (Sono Ichi))
  • "Act 47: Secrets (Part 2)" (第四十七幕 ひそかなる<其の二> Dai Yon Jū Nana Maku Hisoka naru (Sono Ni))

# Release Date Volume
09 June 18, 1999 Blade of the Immortal: Volume 9
Volume 09.jpg

List of Chapters:

  • "Act 48: Secrets (Part 3)" (第四十八幕 ひそかなる<其の三> Dai Yon Jū Hachi Maku Hisoka naru (Sono San))
  • "Act 49: Stigmata" (第四十九幕 血のあとさき Dai Yon Jū Kyū Maku Chi no Atosaki)
  • "Act 50: Husk" (第五十幕 殻 Dai Go Jū Maku Kara)
  • "Act 51: Skin (Part 1)" (第五十一幕 裸行<其の一> Dai Go Jū Ichi Maku Ragyō (Sono Ichi))
  • "Act 52: Skin (Part 2)" (第五十二幕 裸行<其の二> Dai Go Jū Ni Maku Ragyō (Sono Ni))
  • "Act 53: Beasts (Part 1)" (第五十三幕 獣<其の一> Dai Go Jū San Maku Kemono (Sono Ichi))

# Release Date Volume
10 April 17, 2000 Blade of the Immortal: Volume 10
Volume 10.jpg

List of Chapters:

  • "Act 54: Beasts (Part 2)" (第五十四幕 獣<其の二> Dai Go Jū Yon Maku Kemono (Sono Ni))
  • "Act 55: Beasts (Part 3)" (第五十五幕 獣<其の三> Dai Go Jū Go Maku Kemono (Sono San))
  • "Act 56: Beasts (Part 4)" (第五十六幕 獣<其の四> Dai Go Jū Roku Maku Kemono (Sono Yon))
  • "Act 57: Beasts (Part 5)" (第五十七幕 獣<其の五> Dai Go Jū Nana Maku Kemono (Sono Go))
  • "Act 58: Autumn Frost (Part 1)" (第五十八幕 秋霜<其の一> Dai Go Jū Hachi Maku Shūsō (Sono Ichi))
  • "Act 59: Autumn Frost (Part 2)" (第五十九幕 秋霜<其の二> Dai Go Jū Kyū Maku Shūsō (Sono Ni))

# Release Date Volume
11 January 19, 2001 Blade of the Immortal: Volume 11
Volume 11.jpg

List of Chapters:

  • "Act 60: Autumn Frost (Part 3)" (第六十幕 秋霜<其の三> Dai Roku Jū Maku Shūsō (Sono San))
  • "Act 61: Autumn Frost (Part 4)" (第六十一幕 秋霜<其の四> Dai Roku Jū Ichi Maku Shūsō (Sono Yon))
  • "Act 62: Autumn Frost (Part 5)" (第六十二幕 秋霜<其の五> Dai Roku Jū Ni Maku Shūsō (Sono Go))
  • "Act 63: Autumn Frost (Part 6)" (第六十三幕 秋霜<其の六> Dai Roku Jū San Maku Shūsō (Sono Roku))
  • "Act 64: The Wind and the Heron" (第六十四幕 風盗人 Dai Roku Jū Yon Maku Kazanusutto)
  • "Act 65: Cherry Blossom" (第六十五幕 花盗人 Dai Roku Jū Go Maku Hananusutto)
  • "Act 66: Shadows" (第六十六幕 形影 Dai Roku Jū Roku Maku Keiei)
  • "Act 67: Mourning Shadows" (第六十七幕 形影相弔フ Dai Roku Jū Nana Maku Keiei Aitomurau)

# Release Date Volume
12 February 19, 2002 Blade of the Immortal: Volume 12
Volume 12.jpg

List of Chapters:

  • "Act 68: Path of Shadows" (第六十八幕 形影相伴ふ Dai Roku Jū Hachi Maku Keiei Aitomonau)
  • "Act 69: Thorns" (第六十九幕 棘 Dai Roku Jū Kyū Maku Toge)
  • "Act 70: Mirror of the Soul (Part 1)" (第七十幕 浄玻璃<其の一> Dai Nana Jū Maku Jōhari (Sono Ichi))
  • "Act 71: Mirror of the Soul (Part 2)" (第七十一幕 浄玻璃<其の二> Dai Nana Jū Ichi Maku Jōhari (Sono Ni))
  • "Act 72: Mirror of the Soul (Part 3)" (第七十二幕 浄玻璃<其の三> Dai Nana Jū Ni Maku Jōhari (Sono San))
  • "Act 73: Light and Shadow" (第七十三幕 燐と陰 Dai Nana Jū San Maku Rin to Kage)
  • "Act 74: Crossroads" (第七十四幕 岐 Dai Nana Jū Yon Maku Ki)
  • "Act 75: Last Blood (Part 1)" (第七十五幕 終血<其の一> Dai Nana Jū Go Maku Shūketsu (Sono Ichi))

# Release Date Volume
13 November 20, 2002 Blade of the Immortal: Volume 13
Volume 13.jpg

List of Chapters:

  • "Act 76: Last Blood (Part 2)" (第七十六幕 終血<其の二> Dai Nana Jū Roku Maku Shūketsu (Sono Ni))
  • "Act 77: Last Blood (Part 3)" (第七十七幕 終血<其の三> Dai Nana Jū Nana Maku Shūketsu (Sono San))
  • "Act 78: Last Blood (Part 4)" (第七十八幕 終血<其の四> Dai Nana Jū Hachi Maku Shūketsu (Sono Yon))
  • "Act 79: Last Blood (Part 5)" (第七十九幕 終血<其の五> Dai Nana Jū Kyū Maku Shūketsu (Sono Go))
  • "Act 80: Confession" (第八十幕 吐 Dai Hachi Jū Maku To)
  • "Act 81: Twilight (Part 1)" (第八十一幕 誰そ彼<其の一> Dai Hachi Jū Ichi Maku Ta so Kare (Sono Ichi))
  • "Act 82: Twilight (Part 2)" (第八十二幕 誰そ彼<其の二> Dai Hachi Jū Ni Maku Ta so Kare (Sono Ni))
  • "Act 83: Twilight (Part 3)" (第八十三幕 誰そ彼<其の三> Dai Hachi Jū San Maku Ta so Kare (Sono San))

# Release Date Volume
14 July 17, 2003 Blade of the Immortal: Volume 14
Volume 14.jpg

List of Chapters:

  • "Act 84: Trickster (Part 1)" (第八十四幕 彼は誰<其の一> Dai Hachi Jū Yon Maku Ka wa Tare (Sono Ichi))
  • "Act 85: Trickster (Part 2)" (第八十五幕 彼は誰<其の二> Dai Hachi Jū Go Maku Ka wa Tare (Sono Ni))
  • "Act 86: Trickster (Part 3)" (第八十六幕 彼は誰<其の三> Dai Hachi Jū Roku Maku Ka wa Tare (Sono San))
  • "Act 87: Trickster (Part 4)" (第八十七幕 彼は誰<其の四> Dai Hachi Jū Nana Maku Ka wa Tare (Sono Yon))
  • "Act 88: Trickster (Part 5)" (第八十八幕 彼は誰<其の五> Dai Hachi Jū Hachi Maku Ka wa Tare (Sono Go))
  • "Act 89: Pity" (第八十九幕 惻々と Dai Hachi Jū Kyū Maku Sokusoku to)
  • "Act 90: Forsaken" (第九十幕 神去 Dai Kyū Jū Maku Kamisari)
  • "Act 91: Duet" (第九十一幕 二人劇 Dai Kyū Jū Ichi Maku Niningeki)

# Release Date Volume
15 January 23, 2004 Blade of the Immortal: Volume 15
Volume 15.jpg

List of Chapters:

  • "Act 92: Cauldron" (第九十二幕 鼎 Dai Kyū Jū Ni Maku Tei)
  • "Act 93: An Open Pit" (第九十三幕 開かれた穴 Dai Kyū Jū San Maku Hirakareta Ana)
  • "Act 94: Shortcut (Part 1)" (第九十四幕 捷径<其の一> Dai Kyū Jū Yon Maku Shōkei (Sono Ichi))
  • "Act 95: Shortcut (Part 2)" (第九十五幕 捷径<其の二> Dai Kyū Jū Go Maku Shōkei (Sono Ni))
  • "Act 96: Shortcut (Part 3)" (第九十六幕 捷径<其の三> Dai Kyū Jū Roku Maku Shōkei (Sono San))
  • "Act 97: Shortcut (Part 4)" (第九十七幕 捷径<其の四> Dai Kyū Jū Nana Maku Shōkei (Sono Yon))
  • "Act 98: Shortcut (Part 5)" (第九十八幕 捷径<其の五> Dai Kyū Jū Hachi Maku Shōkei (Sono Go))

# Release Date Volume
16 May 21, 2004 Blade of the Immortal: Volume 16
Volume 16.jpg

List of Chapters:

  • "Act 99: On the Perfection of Anatomy (Part 1)" (第九十九幕 改臓肢儀<其の一> Dai Kyū Jū Kyū Maku Kaizō Shigi (Sono Ichi))
  • "Act 100: On the Perfection of Anatomy (Part 2)" (第百幕 改臓肢儀<其の二> Dai Hyaku Maku Kaizō Shigi (Sono Ni))
  • "Act 101: On the Perfection of Anatomy (Part 3)" (第百一幕 改臓肢儀<其の三> Dai Hyaku Ichi Maku Kaizō Shigi (Sono San))
  • "Act 102: On the Perfection of Anatomy (Part 4)" (第百二幕 改臓肢儀<其の四> Dai Hyaku Ni Maku Kaizō Shigi (Sono Yon))
  • "Act 103: On the Perfection of Anatomy (Part 5)" (第百三幕 改臓肢儀<其の五> Dai Hyaku San Maku Kaizō Shigi (Sono Go))
  • "Act 104: On the Perfection of Anatomy (Part 6)" (第百四幕 改臓肢儀<其の六> Dai Hyaku Yon Maku Kaizō Shigi (Sono Roku))
  • "Act 105: The Sparrow Net (Part 1)" (第百五幕 雀羅<其の一> Dai Hyaku Go Maku Jakura (Sono Ichi))

# Release Date Volume
17 November 22, 2004 Blade of the Immortal: Volume 17
Volume 17.jpg

List of Chapters:

  • "Act 106: The Sparrow Net (Part 2)" (第百六幕 雀羅<其の二> Dai Hyaku Roku Maku Jakura (Sono Ni))
  • "Act 107: The Sparrow Net (Part 3)" (第百七幕 雀羅<其の三> Dai Hyaku Nana Maku Jakura (Sono San))
  • "Act 108: The Sparrow Net (Part 4)" (第百八幕 雀羅<其の四> Dai Hyaku Hachi Maku Jakura (Sono Yon))
  • "Act 109: Barefoot (Part 1)" (第百九幕 徒跣<其の一> Dai Hyaku Kyū Maku Kachihadashi (Sono Ichi))
  • "Act 110: Barefoot (Part 2)" (第百十幕 徒跣<其の二> Dai Hyaku Jū Maku Kachihadashi (Sono Ni))
  • "Act 111: Barefoot (Part 3)" (第百十一幕 徒跣<其の三> Dai Hyaku Jū Ichi Maku Kachihadashi (Sono San))
  • "Act 112: Barefoot (Part 4)" (第百十二幕 徒跣<其の四> Dai Hyaku Jū Ni Maku Kachihadashi (Sono Yon))
  • "Act 113: Barefoot (Part 5)" (第百十三幕 徒跣<其の五> Dai Hyaku Jū San Maku Kachihadashi (Sono Go))

# Release Date Volume
18 June 23, 2005 Blade of the Immortal: Volume 18
Volume 18.jpg

List of Chapters:

  • "Act 114: Life or Death" (第百十四幕 活殺 Dai Hyaku Jū Yon Maku Kassatsu)
  • "Act 115: Badger Hole (Part 1)" (第百十五幕 猯の巣<其の一> Dai Hyaku Jū Go Maku Mami no Su (Sono Ichi))
  • "Act 116: Badger Hole (Part 2)" (第百十六幕 猯の巣<其の二> Dai Hyaku Jū Roku Maku Mami no Su (Sono Ni))
  • "Act 117: Badger Hole (Part 3)" (第百十七幕 猯の巣<其の三> Dai Hyaku Jū Nana Maku Mami no Su (Sono San))
  • "Act 118: Badger Hole (Part 4)" (第百十八幕 猯の巣<其の四> Dai Hyaku Jū Hachi Maku Mami no Su (Sono Yon))
  • "Act 119: Otter Holt (Part 1)" (第百十九幕 獺の巣<其の一> Dai Hyaku Jū Kyū Maku Kawauso no Su (Sono Ichi))
  • "Act 120: Otter Holt (Part 2)" (第百二十幕 獺の巣<其の二> Dai Hyaku Ni Jū Maku Kawauso no Su (Sono Ni))

# Release Date Volume
19 April 21, 2006 Blade of the Immortal: Volume 19
Volume 19.jpg

List of Chapters:

  • "Act 121: Otter Holt (Part 3)" (第百二十一幕 獺の巣<其の三> Dai Hyaku Ni Jū Ichi Maku Kawauso no Su (Sono San))
  • "Act 122: Demon Lair (Part 1)" (第百二十二幕 鬼の巣<其の一> Dai Hyaku Ni Jū Ni Maku Oni no Su (Sono Ichi))
  • "Act 123: Demon Lair (Part 2)" (第百二十三幕 鬼の巣<其の二> Dai Hyaku Ni Jū San Maku Oni no Su (Sono Ni))
  • "Act 124: Demon Lair (Part 3)" (第百二十四幕 鬼の巣<其の三> Dai Hyaku Ni Jū Yon Maku Oni no Su (Sono San))
  • "Act 125: Demon Lair (Part 4)" (第百二十五幕 鬼の巣<其の四> Dai Hyaku Ni Jū Go Maku Oni no Su (Sono Yon))
  • "Act 126: Demon Lair (Part 5)" (第百二十六幕 鬼の巣<其の五> Dai Hyaku Ni Jū Roku Maku Oni no Su (Sono Go))
  • "Act 127: Demon Lair (Part 6)" (第百二十七幕 鬼の巣<其の六> Dai Hyaku Ni Jū Nana Maku Oni no Su (Sono Roku))

# Release Date Volume
20 October 23, 2006 Blade of the Immortal: Volume 20
Volume 20.jpg

List of Chapters:

  • "Act 128: Demon Lair (Part 7)" (第百二十八幕 鬼の巣<其の七> Dai Hyaku Ni Jū Hachi Maku Oni no Su (Sono Nana))
  • "Act 129: Demon Lair (Part 8)" (第百二十九幕 鬼の巣<其の八> Dai Hyaku Ni Jū Kyū Maku Oni no Su (Sono Hachi))
  • "Act 130: Demon Lair (Part 9)" (第百三十幕 鬼の巣<其の九> Dai Hyaku San Jū Maku Oni no Su (Sono Kyū))
  • "Act 131: Demon Lair (Part 10)" (第百三十一幕 鬼の巣<其の十> Dai Hyaku San Jū Ichi Maku Oni no Su (Sono Jū))
  • "Act 132: Demon Lair (Part 11)" (第百三十二幕 鬼の巣<其の十一> Dai Hyaku San Jū Ni Maku Oni no Su (Sono Jū Ichi))
  • "Act 133: Demon Lair (Part 12)" (第百三十三幕 鬼の巣<其の十二> Dai Hyaku San Jū San Maku Oni no Su (Sono Jū Ni))
  • "Act 134: On the Perfection of Anatomy (Conclusion)" (第百三十四幕 改臓肢儀<終章> Dai Hyaku San Jū Yon Maku Kaizō Shigi (Shūshō))

# Release Date Volume
21 June 22, 2007 Blade of the Immortal: Volume 21
Volume 21.jpg

List of Chapters:

  • "Act 135: Footsteps" (第百三十五幕 跫音 Dai Hyaku San Jū Go Maku Kyōon)
  • "Act 136: Restless Ghosts" (第百三十六幕 鬼哭 Dai Hyaku San Jū Roku Maku Kikoku)
  • "Act 137: Visitors (Part 1)" (第百三十七幕 おとづれ<其の一> Dai Hyaku San Jū Nana Maku Otozure (Sono Ichi))
  • "Act 138: Visitors (Part 2)" (第百三十八幕 おとづれ<其の二> Dai Hyaku San Jū Hachi Maku Otozure (Sono Ni))
  • "Act 139: Winter Snow" (第百三十九幕 冬餉抄 Dai Hyaku San Jū Kyū Maku Fuyugeshō)
  • "Act 140: Night Chrysanthemum" (第百四十幕 夜掬 Dai Hyaku Yon Jū Maku Yogiku)
  • "Act 141: Companion (Part 1)" (第百四十一幕 みちづれ<其の一> Dai Hyaku Yon Jū Ichi Maku Michizure (Sono Ichi))

# Release Date Volume
22 December 21, 2007 Blade of the Immortal: Volume 22
Volume 22.jpg

List of Chapters:

  • "Act 142: Companion (Part 2)" (第百四十二幕 みちづれ<其の二> Dai Hyaku Yon Jū Ni Maku Michizure (Sono Ni))
  • "Act 143: Culvert" (第百四十三幕 暗渠 Dai Hyaku Yon Jū San Maku Ankyo)
  • "Act 144: Power and Mist" (第百四十四幕 雲井霞 Dai Hyaku Yon Jū Yon Maku Kumoi Kasumi)
  • "Act 145: Crimson Snowflake" (第百四十五幕 六花紅 Dai Hyaku Yon Jū Go Maku Rokka Kurenai)
  • "Act 146: Traces of the Heart" (第百四十六幕 こころの迹 Dai Hyaku Yon Jū Roku Maku Kokoro no Ato)
  • "Act 147: Testing the Waters" (第百四十七幕 瀬踏 Dai Hyaku Yon Jū Nana Maku Sebumi)
  • "Act 148: Scarlet Swords" (第百四十八幕 緋剣繚乱 Dai Hyaku Yon Jū Hachi Maku Hiken Ryōran)

# Release Date Volume
23 June 23, 2008 Blade of the Immortal: Volume 23
Volume 23.jpg

List of Chapters:

  • "Act 149: Entangled" (第百四十九幕 交錯 Dai Hyaku Yon Jū Kyū Maku Kōsaku)
  • "Act 150: White Sheet, Glowing Under the Moonlight" (第百五十幕 帷、月下に白く Dai Hyaku Go Jū Maku Tobari, Gekka ni Shiroku)
  • "Act 151: Massacre (Part 1)" (第百五十一幕 鏖<其の一> Dai Hyaku Go Jū Ichi Maku Minagoroshi (Sono Ichi))
  • "Act 152: Massacre (Part 2)" (第百五十二幕 鏖<其の二> Dai Hyaku Go Jū Ni Maku Minagoroshi (Sono Ni))
  • "Act 153: Massacre (Part 3)" (第百五十三幕 鏖<其の三> Dai Hyaku Go Jū San Maku Minagoroshi (Sono San))
  • "Act 154: Massacre (Part 4)" (第百五十四幕 鏖<其の四> Dai Hyaku Go Jū Yon Maku Minagoroshi (Sono Yon))
  • "Act 155: Evasion" (第百五十五幕 遁 Dai Hyaku Go Jū Go Maku Ton)

# Release Date Volume
24 February 23, 2009 Blade of the Immortal: Volume 24
Volume 24.jpg

List of Chapters:

  • "Act 156: Snowfall at Dawn" (第百五十六幕 明風花 Dai Hyaku Go Jū Roku Maku Akenokazabana)
  • "Act 157: Snow, Like Blossoms" (第百五十七幕 雪花 Dai Hyaku Go Jū Nana Maku Setsuka)
  • "Act 158: Snow, Moon, Flowers" (第百五十八幕 雪月花 Dai Hyaku Go Jū Hachi Maku Setsugetsuka)
  • "Act 159: Wind, Petals, Snow, Moon" (第百五十九幕 風花雪月 Dai Hyaku Go Jū Kyū Maku Fūkasetsugetsu)
  • "Act 160: On the Perfection of Anatomy - The Untold Truth" (第百六十幕 改臓肢儀・真説 Dai Hyaku Roku Jū Maku Kaizō Shigi - Shinsetsu)
  • "Act 161: Blizzard (Part 1)" (第百六十一幕 霏々として<其の一> Dai Hyaku Roku Jū Ichi Maku Hihi toshite (Sono Ichi))
  • "Act 162: Blizzard (Part 2)" (第百六十二幕 霏々として<其の二> Dai Hyaku Roku Jū Ni Maku Hihi toshite (Sono Ni))

# Release Date Volume
25 September 23, 2009 Blade of the Immortal: Volume 25
Volume 25.jpg

List of Chapters:

  • "Act 163: Blizzard (Part 3)" (第百六十三幕 霏々として<其の三> Dai Hyaku Roku Jū San Maku Hihi toshite (Sono San))
  • "Act 164: Blizzard (Part 4)" (第百六十四幕 霏々として<其の四> Dai Hyaku Roku Jū Yon Maku Hihi toshite (Sono Yon))
  • "Act 165: Blizzard (Part 5)" (第百六十五幕 霏々として<其の五> Dai Hyaku Roku Jū Go Maku Hihi toshite (Sono Go))
  • "Act 166: Blizzard (Part 6)" (第百六十六幕 霏々として<其の六> Dai Hyaku Roku Jū Roku Maku Hihi toshite (Sono Roku))
  • "Act 167: Blizzard (Part 7)" (第百六十七幕 霏々として<其の七> Dai Hyaku Roku Jū Nana Maku Hihi toshite (Sono Nana))
  • "Act 168: Food (Part 2)" (第百六十八幕 糧<其の二> Dai Hyaku Roku Jū Hachi Maku Kate (Sono Ni))
  • "Act 169: Wings, Without Wind" (第百六十九幕 凪ぎて羽根は…… Dai Hyaku Roku Jū Kyū Maku Nagite Hane wa......)

# Release Date Volume
26 May 21, 2010 Blade of the Immortal: Volume 26
Volume 26.jpg

List of Chapters:

  • "Act 170: Mist on the Spider's Web" (第百七十幕 くものいの露 Dai Hyaku Nana Jū Maku Kumo no I no Tsuyu)
  • "Act 171: The Pots (Part 1)" (第百七十一幕 壺<其の一> Dai Hyaku Nana Jū Ichi Maku Tsubo (Sono Ichi))
  • "Act 172: The Pots (Part 2)" (第百七十二幕 壺<其の二> Dai Hyaku Nana Jū Ni Maku Tsubo (Sono Ni))
  • "Act 173: The Pots (Part 3)" (第百七十三幕 壺<其の三> Dai Hyaku Nana Jū San Maku Tsubo (Sono San))
  • "Act 174: The Pots (Part 4)" (第百七十四幕 壺<其の四> Dai Hyaku Nana Jū Yon Maku Tsubo (Sono Yon))
  • "Act 175: The Last Ten (Part 1)" (第百七十五幕 十掉尾<其の一> Dai Hyaku Nana Jū Go Maku Juttōbi (Sono Ichi))
  • "Act 176: The Last Ten (Part 2)" (第百七十六幕 十掉尾<其の二> Dai Hyaku Nana Jū Roku Maku Juttōbi (Sono Ni))
  • "Act 177: The Last Ten (Part 3)" (第百七十七幕 十掉尾<其の三> Dai Hyaku Nana Jū Nana Maku Juttōbi (Sono San))

# Release Date Volume
27 January 21, 2011 Blade of the Immortal: Volume 27
Volume 27.jpg

List of Chapters:

  • "Act 178: Raining Chaos (Part 1)" (第百七十八幕 鎖乱<其の一> Dai Hyaku Nana Jū Hachi Maku Samidare (Sono Ichi))
  • "Act 179: Raining Chaos (Part 2)" (第百七十九幕 鎖乱<其の二> Dai Hyaku Nana Jū Kyū Maku Samidare (Sono Ni))
  • "Act 180: Raining Chaos (Part 3)" (第百八十幕 鎖乱<其の三> Dai Hyaku Hachi Jū Maku Samidare (Sono San))
  • "Act 181: Raining Chaos (Part 4)" (第百八十一幕 鎖乱<其の四> Dai Hyaku Hachi Jū Ichi Maku Samidare (Sono Yon))
  • "Act 182: Sullied Snow (Part 1)" (第百八十二幕 泥雪<其の一> Dai Hyaku Hachi Jū Ni Maku Deisetsu (Sono Ichi))
  • "Act 183: Sullied Snow (Part 2)" (第百八十三幕 泥雪<其の二> Dai Hyaku Hachi Jū San Maku Deisetsu (Sono Ni))
  • "Act 184: Raining Chaos (Part 5)" (第百八十四幕 鎖乱<其の五> Dai Hyaku Hachi Jū Yon Maku Samidare (Sono Go))

# Release Date Volume
28 October 21, 2011 Blade of the Immortal: Volume 28
Volume 28.jpg

List of Chapters:

  • "Act 185: The Chosen Path (Part 1)" (第百八十五幕 道さだめ<其の一> Dai Hyaku Hachi Jū Go Maku Michi Sadame (Sono Ichi))
  • "Act 186: The Chosen Path (Part 2)" (第百八十六幕 道さだめ<其の二> Dai Hyaku Hachi Jū Roku Maku Michi Sadame (Sono Ni))
  • "Act 187: Rudderless (Part 1)" (第百八十七幕 楫を絶え<其の一> Dai Hyaku Hachi Jū Nana Maku Kaji o Tae (Sono Ichi))
  • "Act 188: Rudderless (Part 2)" (第百八十八幕 楫を絶え<其の二> Dai Hyaku Hachi Jū Hachi Maku Kaji o Tae (Sono Ni))
  • "Act 189: Soul Fire" (第百八十九幕 霊込 Dai Hyaku Hachi Jū Kyū Maku Tamagome)
  • "Act 190: Heavenly Fire" (第百九十幕 天乱発 Dai Hyaku Kyū Jū Maku Ame Rappa)
  • "Act 191: Beyond Good and Evil" (第百九十一幕 彼岸 Dai Hyaku Kyū Jū Ichi Maku Higan)

# Release Date Volume
29 May 23, 2012 Blade of the Immortal: Volume 29
Volume 29.jpg

List of Chapters:

  • "Act 192: Kasha" (第百九十二幕 火車 Dai Hyaku Kyū Jū Ni Maku Kasha)
  • "Act 193: Vigilance (Part 1)" (第百九十三幕 墨守<其の一> Dai Hyaku Kyū Jū San Maku Bokushu (Sono Ichi))
  • "Act 194: Vigilance (Part 2)" (第百九十四幕 墨守<其の二> Dai Hyaku Kyū Jū Yon Maku Bokushu (Sono Ni))
  • "Act 195: Vigilance (Part 3)" (第百九十五幕 墨守<其の三> Dai Hyaku Kyū Jū Go Maku Bokushu (Sono San))
  • "Act 196: One Hundred Dances (Part 1)" (第百九十六幕 焉舞百景<其の一> Dai Hyaku Kyū Jū Roku Maku Enbu Hyakkei (Sono Ichi))
  • "Act 197: One Hundred Dances (Part 2)" (第百九十七幕 焉舞百景<其の二> Dai Hyaku Kyū Jū Nana Maku Enbu Hyakkei (Sono Ni))

# Release Date Volume
30 February 22, 2013 Blade of the Immortal: Volume 30
Volume 30.jpg

List of Chapters:

  • "Act 198: One Hundred Dances (Part 3)" (第百九十八幕 焉舞百景<其の三> Dai Hyaku Kyū Jū Hachi Maku Enbu Hyakkei (Sono San))
  • "Act 199: Glorious Death in Winter Thunder (Part 1)" (第百九十九幕 寒雷散華<其の一> Dai Hyaku Kyū Jū Kyū Maku Kanrai Sange (Sono Ichi))
  • "Act 200: Glorious Death in Winter Thunder (Part 2)" (第二百幕 寒雷散華<其の二> Dai Ni Hyaku Maku Kanrai Sange (Sono Ni))
  • "Act 201: Blue Embracing Indigo" (第二百一幕 藍を抱く青 Dai Ni Hyaku Ichi Maku Ai o Idaku Ao)
  • "Act 202: Blade of Remorse" (第二百二幕 無念刀 Dai Ni Hyaku Ni Maku Munengatana)
  • "Act 203: Where Ferocious Winds Contest" (第二百三幕 いと荒ましき風の競ひに Dai Ni Hyaku San Maku Itoaramashiki Kaze no Kioi ni)
  • "Act 204: May I Ask About Death" (第二百四幕 未知生、焉知死 Dai Ni Hyaku Yon Maku Imada Sei o Shirazu, Izukunzo Shi o Shiran)
  • "Act 205: In the Forgotten, Fluttering Snow" (第二百五幕 忘れ雪ほどろに Dai Ni Hyaku Go Maku Wasureyuki Hodoro ni)
  • "Final Act: Manji and Rin" (最終幕 卍と凜 Saishū Maku Manji to Rin)

Volumes* (English trade paperback):[]

  1. Blood of a Thousand
  2. Cry of the Worm
  3. Dreamsong
  4. On Silent Wings
  5. On Silent Wings II
  6. Dark Shadows
  7. Heart of Darkness
  8. The Gathering
  9. The Gathering II
  10. Secrets
  11. Beasts
  12. Fall/Autumn Frost
  13. Mirror of the Soul
  14. Last Blood
  15. Trickster
  16. Shortcut
  17. On the Perfection of Anatomy
  18. The Sparrow Net
  19. Badger Hole
  20. Demon's Lair
  21. Demon's Lair II
  22. Footsteps
  23. Scarlet Swords

Regional differences (Editing in the European and American versions)[]

Anime adaptation[]

The panel taken from Hokusai's Hokusai Manga. Issue #2, Volume 1.

Main Article

It was first announced on 23 March 2008 that an anime series based on Blade of the Immortal was in the works. It was produced by Bee Train and its first episode premiered on 13 July 2008. The Anime currently has finished its first season, which consisted of 13 episodes. Media Blasters, an American company, has acquired the rights to the show and has since released it in September 2010. They have dubbed the show in English.

Cultural References & References to Other Works[]

The series does have a few references to ancient Japan and other works, though they are quite rare and few in number. However, historic figures, events, and eras are often mentioned, such as Miyamoto Musashi, Oda Nobunaga, and the Muromachi period.

The first instance of sampling from another work appears in Issue #2, Conquest. In Rin's flashback, Anotsu tells her father his percieved origin of the Itto-ryu - he explains that his grandfather(Saburo Anotsu) and Rin's grandfather(Takayuki Asano) were competing to recieve the secret inner teachings of the Mutenichi-ryu. He goes on to explain how his own grandfather was expelled, and in the process, a panel from Japanese print-maker and artist Hokusai's "Hokusai Manga" is shown.

Another instance of sampling Hokusai's work came up again, in a much more recent issue of Blade of the Immortal. The cover of an issue featured in Volume 20(Demon's Lair II), shows Rin with part of one of Hokusai's well known Ukiyo-e prints; The Great Wave off Kanagawa .

The issue cover featuring part of the "Great Wave off Kanagawa" woodblock print by Hokusai.

The original woodblock print, "The Great Wave off Kanagawa."

A real-life stone monument has also been shown(and explained) in Issue #89 (Crossroads) of the series. In this part of the story, Anotsu, while travelling with Rin, has been infected with tetanus and, now that his condition has worsened, cannot even stand. He is shown to be leaning against the back of this monument, with Rin sitting nearby. This is also briefly explained at the end of the issue.

The monument as seen in the manga, with Rin and Anotsu sitting on the ground behind it.

The page at the end of Issue #89, with a paragraph mentioning the monument and a picture of it.

The character Hanada, an Ittō-ryū underling, was "supposed to look like John Lennon" but ended up as "just another Otaku dude." His asymetrical glasses could also be taken as a reference to DC/Vertigo character Spider Jerusalem; one shade is quadratic and the other is circular.

Hanada's face and mismatched glasses.

A few other characters are homages to certain bands and muscians such as Black Sabbath and Sex Pistols. However, these homages are contained in those certain characters' names. For example, the Ittō-ryū swordsman Kuroi Sabato's name is an almost literal romanization of "Black Sabbath;" Sabato is a romanization of the english word "Sabbath" and "Kuroi" is the Japanese word for "black."

Specials, Spin-offs & other related work[]

A novel, Legend of the Sword Demon, was published in 2008. It was written by Junichi Ohsako and features illustrations by Hiroaki Samura.

An Artbook, The Art of Blade of the Immortal, has also been released by Dark Horse. It was published on 19 May 2010.

Many of the back pages of both the Volumes and Issues of Blade of the Immortal include pin-ups, short parody comics and spin-off pictures often by other professional artists as well as Hiroaki Samura. Most of the singular issues also feature art of the characters, sent in by fans/amateur artists.

Some Blade of the Immortal merchandise has been released by Dark Horse, including a Manji figure, as well as T-shirts and lighters featuring Manji and Rin on them. Stickers with various designs on them have also been released.