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Gyobutsu "Johnny" (序仁 魚仏, Jonī Gyobutsu) is a minor character in the manga series Blade of the Immortal . He appears in the very first Issue of the manga. He is a bounty hunter who disguises himself as a christian priest, and is armed with a flintlock pistol, the word "Divina" scratched on the barrel. He seems to be interested in many western things such as clothing and religious practices, in fact, in addition to being present in a church, he is also shown in western religious dress and western footwear.

Gyobutsu "Johnny" as seen in the Anime adaptation




Johnny was seen pretending to be a priest and taking Manji's confession. He acted surprised when Manji told him he killed over 100 people and told him that the usual penance won't be good enough and the only penance for his sin is to die, and after that shot Manji in the head. Johnny then boosted he is the toughest man in Japan, but then was pinned by Manji's blades. He was surprised that he missed, considering he have been ambushing men for 10 years, but Manji assured him that he didn't miss and then shot a sword blade in Johnny's head, while also cutting his head off.

Relationships to other characters[]

His only known relative is Shido Hishiyasu, his brother.

The only person "Johnny" is seen conversing with in the manga is Manji.

Weapons and fighting skill[]

His only known weapon is the flintlock pistol with "Divina" marked on the barrel that he uses to assault criminals, namely Manji. While next to nothing is known about his past ambushings, he is presumably efficient with the pistol as he manages to shoot Manji right in the middle of the forehead, and has been "ambushing and killing people for ten years."


  • "Nowadays, the motto of our church is... "It's okay to bend the rules now and then!""
  • "From now on, I guess the toughest man in Japan... isn't my brother, or Mister "one hundred"... but me? Nya-ha-ha-ha-HA! Little ol' ME?!"


  • Both "Johnny" and his brother Shido share a similar facial tattoo in the same place; just under the right eye. However, Shido's tattoo has an extra triangle.
  • "Gyobutsu" roughly translates as "rotten fish;" combined with "Johnny," the name is a reference to Johnny Rotten - Johnny Lydon's stage name while fronting the British punk band Sex Pistols.

List of appearances:[]


  • Volume/Tankobon 1 only


  • Issue #1 only


  • Special character spread at the end of Vol. 24