Kensui Ibane (伊羽研水)
Kensui frustrated.

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Leader of Shingyoto-ryu

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Kensui Ibane (Jpn. - 伊羽研水) was the leader of the now defunct shingyoto-ryu sword school.

He is first shown when he interrupts a fight between Anotsu Kagehisa and a member of the Shingyoto-Ryu sword school. He apologizes to Anotsu for the rudeness of his pupils and invites him into a corner room of his dojo to talk without being overheard. Once inside the room, Kensui officially welcomes Anotsu. He then tells him that after the founding of the shogunate, four hundred sword schools have been founded. These sword schools all come up with fancy hidden sword techniques just to look different from others. The students of these sword schools use wooden swords and have no idea how it feels like to fight with a real sword in a real battle and a time will come when the samurai will be needed in battle again and the students of these sword schools will have little use. Kensui tells Anotsu that these are the words of his sensei and asks how he feels about them to which Anotsu replies that they strike him to the soul and with the Itto_ryu he hopes to toughen up the students of the Shingyoto-Ryu. Kensui tells Anotsu that before he begins his work he has another request to make. Kensui then calls in his adopted daughter who is actually the daughter of his deceased sensei and asks Anotsu if he will marry her.

Later Kensui is shown practicing his sword work before being walked in on by Anotsu Kagehisa. Another asks him what he's doing practicing at this early hour to which he replies that he has to keep up with his students. Anotsu then tells him that he has good students and asks him why he doesn't let one of his students marry his daughter?

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