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Makie Otono-Tachibana(乙橘槇絵, Otono-Tachibana Makie) is an on-off member of the Ittō-ryū in Blade of the Immortal.


Haru-no-Okina (Old Man of Spring): A double bladed three-section-staff.



Harukawa Komoe[]

Her grandmother. Older sister of Anotsu Saburo.

Harukawa Yoshiaki[]

Her father who had sent her mother and her to the brothel when she was ten.

Anotsu Kagehisa[]

Her cousin and her lover.


  • "Excuse me - I should have introduced myself before. I am Makie Otono-Tachibana. By pledge of honor with Anotsu Kagehisa... swordswoman of the Itto-ryu."
  • "How foolish my life must look to you! How stupid and contemptible! But I... I-"
  • "I understand. I guess I've been... a child. Just now... I finally understood."
  • "It's just like you said... O-hatsu... Once a woman lets herself fall... she can't have dreams like other people. It was hopeless from the beginning. Right, my friend? Right..?"
  • "Let's live this moment together. And this time, I'll be serious."
  • "Oh, Kagehisa-sama! I..I've failed at everything! Living... dying... killing... sparing... hating, forgiving... EVERYTHING!"