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Ozuhan (怖畔)
Ozuhan communicating using his sign language.

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Itto-ryu member(?-present)

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Ozuhan(Jpn. - 怖畔 - "Ozuhan") is a mysterious Itto-Ryu member.



Ozuhan is introduced along with the other "core" itto-Ryu members under the remains of the Itto-Ryu Dojo.

Immortality experiments[]

When Dōa, and Rin, along with a peasant are being tortured underground, Ozuhan appears with a much bigger mask than what he usually wears, and cuts up all of the attackers. The one leading the attack tries to burn Ozuhan's mask off, but after doing so is killed. Once they get outside, Ozuhan gives Rin, and Dōa a map, made by Koji Kashin, they assume that the blind spots on the map are where the prisoners are being held, and rush into one only to be chased by guards. Rin and Dōa go into an underground tunnel, but Ozuhan goes back with the map.

Assault on Edo Palace[]

When Anotsu decides to attack Edo Palace before leaving, he brings along Ozuhan, Sukezane Baro, and Taito Magatsu. Magatsu and Ozuhan come in from the side of the gate, and Baro and Anotsu go in the front. After a short while the guards are alerted of their presence, and Ugen Hanabusa gets on his horse to ride towards them. When they encounter archers on the way to the middle of the Palace, Ozuhan goes into their towers and takes them out. Along the way after the entire group starts to become exhausted they face up against the Captian of the Guard Nizaemon Kumokiri, and the captain of the Pages Kai ki Ryuin. As the two are boasting of how they will dispose of the Itto-Ryu, Anotsu beheads them both with one swing and begins his walk up the stairs. At the top of the stairs Ugen confronts the group, they are heavily outnumbered, but Ozuhan jumps out from behind after taking care of archers and knocks Ugen down. Anotsu takes Ugen hostage, and Magatsu begins to paint on the wall. Magatsu paints "Bodyguards Sell Swords, Enemies... Itto-Ryu... Takes all Jobs.", and the group begins to take their leave. At the gate, Anotsu throws Ugen in the water, and they run off into the woods heading for Hanzo gate. Ozuhan splits up with the others along the way and encounters numerous trap, in which he dodges, but is finally caught in one, which he cuts himself out of it.