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"Don't Worry! I Am Calm!"

"I Only Act like I've Lost It"

Satake is one of the new Itto-ryu recruits from the Jinen-ryu sword school along with Ariusu.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Satake is introduced along with all of the other new Itto-ryu recruits under the burnt down Dojo.

Rokki-dan[edit | edit source]

Satake acts as one of the archers that kill the remaining Hebigumi, whe the Rokki-dan assaults the Itto-ryu underground Dojo.

Leaving Edo[edit | edit source]

When the Itto-ryu is banned from Edo, Satake and the others head to Hitachi. Along the way, when they notice that they are being followed by the Rokki-dan, Satake is confident that he can take them out now that he is stronger, and Sosuke destroyes his confidence when he says that they are no match, and that not even ten of the are garunteed to beat a member of the Rokki-dan's Hanagumi. Later when they stay in a shack, and are confronted by Shishiya Arashino, Tarieshin Hasshu, and Shozo Murasaki of the Rokki-dan who bring forth their fellow member Yatsushiba's head, and claim that Anotsu is dead. Sosuke calls their bluff, and challenges all three of them to a match, but every member of the Itto-ryu including Satake quits, so they can fight without worrying about the Itto-ryu's rule of one on one combat, and Yatoin, Koda, and Ariusu who are the three strongest of the new recruits, pin Sosuke down from behind, and wrap him up and take him off to safety, while Satake, Kunimitsu Amon, and the others fight six on three against the Rokki-dan. After Maira is killed by Arashino, Satake pretends to be enraged, and comes up to Shishiya, dodging his attack, because of the fact Shishiya thought Satake would go head on because of his rage. But just as Satake grazes Shishiya's armor, Shishiya uses the blunt end of his blade to knock Satake against a tree. As Satake tries to get up, Shishiya lobs both of his legs off in one swing, and as Satake is wondering how a human could possibly achieve such strength, Shishiya slams the tip of his sword into the middle of his head killing him instantly.

Weapons and Ability[edit | edit source]

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Satake along with most of the other new recruits used a standard Katana, and a bow on occasion.

Ability[edit | edit source]

Satake was about as powerful as any of the other Itto-ryu recruits, but had more cunning than most, and did much better against Shishiya than Yatsushiba, or Maira.

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