Shinriji (真理路) was a member of the Mugai-ryu in Blade of the Immortal.

Shinriji is never given a last name, a sign of his extremely low status. His mother was a rashamen and had blonde hair. He is a good sword-fighter and made to work for the Mugai-Ryu after stealing a small amount of money. He is put under Hyakurin's watchful (and often exasperated) eye, and the two become frequent partners in their duties.

Shinriji is a good fighter, but a bit blundering. He worships Hyakurin and her fighting skills, and alludes to being in love with her. He is first attracted to her bleached blonde hair, which he says reminds him of his mother. He is killed when Hyakurin is kidnapped by Itto-ryuu but not before killing 4 of their members by clever usage of terrain.

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