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Tatsubo or simply Tatsu (辰, Tatsu) is the daughter of painter Master Sori in Blade of the Immortal.


Tatsu is hard-working and and has to keep an eye on her father's behavior as he is often kicked-out of the houses he rents.

She can be hot-headed and pragmatic, and has no tolerance for poor behavior from guests. She isn't afraid to argue with people or throw them out of the rooms she and her father rent out.


Tatsu is Master Sori's daughter, and therefore a childhood friend of Rin. She is assumed to be several years older than Rin, and the two girls are still good friends.

She marries during the series, but leaves her husband after he beats her and moves back in with her father, much to his dismay.

She finds both Manji and Magatsu attractive, even telling Manji that if Rin ever wants him gone, she'll take him in.


  • "Manji-san. If you get dumped by Rin-chan... somewhere on the way... I can come get you, got it?"
  • "Let me tell you, never marry the second son of a kimono merchant! He's spoiled rotten and useless beyond belief! Damn you, old man! You really got no eye for people!! Pushing a loser like that on me! That bastard! Acts so mousy in public... then when he's at home he's all mean and hits me! So I hit him right back! Hey, I'm no dainty bukke-born lady! Then he wants me to get rid of all my geta... because when I wear them I'm taller than him! Screw that! Why doesn't he just drop dead? Maybe he'll be reincarnated as a tall guy!"
  • "Hee, hee! And he's supposed to be a total hunk!"
  • "One more thing-- any fighting , and I'll throw you both out. Got it?"


  • "Tatsu" means "dragon."
  • She is one of the two characters in the series that has freckles -- the other being Haya.

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