Toki Asano (浅野時, Asano Toki) was the mother of Rin Asano in the Blade of the Immortal series.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

She seems like a calm, gentle, and loving wife and mother.

Story[edit | edit source]

She was home with her family when Anotsu Kagehisa and a gang of his Ittou-ryu members stormed in and killed her husband, Takayoshi.

Anotsu spared Rin's modesty and life, however he let his men do whatever they wanted to Toki, and she was violently raped and carried off before being murdered.

Two years later, after Rin and Manji teamed up, an Ittou-ryu fighter named Kuroi Sabato appeared. He had spent the last two years sending love notes to Rin, though she had never answered them until Manji told her to. During their fight, Kuroi revealed Toki's stuffed head was sewn onto one of his shoulders (and his former wife's head was sewn onto the other). Rin became too horrified to fight him, but Manji eventually killed him and Rin was able to put her mother's memory to rest.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • What an imagination you have, you silly child! Why do you always feel you must dream up these strange stories?
  • If you're going to kill us, then we have the right to know why you have attacked our school so viciously! Just answer that, will you?!
  • They say you gentlemen once walked the same path as us, of the Mutenichi-Ryu school of swordsmanship... so how will you make peace with your ancestors after this betrayal?!
  • Is THIS the way noblemen of the swordfight?! Ganging up on a single man?!
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