Uruma (宇留間)
Uruma carrying a Tegata (traveling pass)

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Member of the Itto-ryu (former)

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"Give me a friggin' break, you Moron! Your timing was. Like, ten friggin' seconds off!"

"Ain't you got no pride!? Okay, Okay! Shit! I'll back off and we can go again, okay?

Uruma (宇留間 Uruma?): A fairly Composed Ittō-ryū swordsman.

About[edit | edit source]

Plot[edit | edit source]

Uruma is first introduced along with Hanada, and Higa, when they are traveling to Anotsu's location, and Manji attacks them in order to obtain their Tegata. Uruma uses a barbed pole to stick through Manji's skin in order to set up his chain attack. He expects Manji to attempt to break through the pole when instead he runs ahead at Uruma and slashes at him. uruma barely dodges the swing but is kicked down. when he attempts to pull a tanto out of his clothing Manji steps on his arm and goes in for the kill, but Hanada saves Uruma by using the tree and chain with the barber pole as a pulley mechanism to pull Manji up into the tree by his arm. Uruma attempts to hack at Manji, but after being blocked Manji bites at his arm. After Manji cuts his own arm off he runs off into the woods, and Uruma follows him. Uruma sees the remnants of Manji's arm in a tree and assumes he's hiding up there. When he jumps up to kill him, he notices it's just the rest of Manji's arm and is then killed from behind by Manji. His corpse is later used to dye the water where Manji is hiding under with blood, so he can kill Hanada.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

He appears only in Comrades (I-IV) and is not shown in the anime adaptation.

Weapons and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Uruma's trademark is a chain ending in a barded spike, used for immobilizing his enemy, as well as his large machete-like weapon, Ondeko-Bachi (Devil's Drumstick), which he prefers to call the "chopper"

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Uruma is shown to be a fairly skilled Itto-Ryu warrior, who can hold up in a fight against Manji, but he usually works as a team with Hanada.

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