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Yaobikuni (八百比丘尼, Yaobikuni), whose name literally means "eight-hundred years," is a character in Blade of the Immortal . Her character seems to be based on the japanese folklore tale of Yaobikuni, though with some differences.



Relationships to other characters[]


  • Ho! Going to take a chop at me, are you? Foolish boy... This old lady's full of bloodworms!
  • The first time I caught sight of you, my son... your eyes were practically BEGGING for salvation!
  • I'm a nun, young man. I can't die until I've saved the souls of all the poor sinners in Japan.
  • Well, first off, you'd better leave Tokyo today or tomorrow... our faith is in you, Manji!


List of appearances:[]

Yaobikuni only appears in the first volume of Blade of the Immortal and in the epilogue of the final volume. She does not appear elsewhere, even in flashbacks, although she is mentioned several times. She first appears in Issue #1 and last appears in Issue #2. However, an imposter pretending to be her does appear in the 2nd Volume of the Blade of the Immortal (manga).


  • Blood of a Thousand
  • Final Curtain


  • 1; Prologue: Criminal
  • 2; Conquest
  • 206; Manji and Rin


  • A special "Character spread" at the end of Volume 24.